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Thank you so much! Everyone had a great time, and we really appreciate your energy and knowledge. We definitely got some good engagement from the beer aficionados among the group.  We are also grateful for the effort you put in to finding a delivery partner and the seamless execution of delivery for the group, which made a huge difference in the quality of the presentation. — Alex

A special thank you on behalf of the team. I’ve done a bunch of virtual events and this was one of the best (and that’s coming from a wine drinker)!!! You struck the perfect balance of educating and entertaining which made the evening really fun and informative.  — Carolyn 

It was a huge success!! It was so much fun and such a unique way to get everyone together - my husband loved it! — Ali

The event was great. Everyone enjoyed it – especially after our 10/15 deadline! — Keith

Eric’s Virtual Beers Around the World class was awesome.  I drink a lot of beer, visit a lot of breweries and beer shops, but it was great to be (re-)introduced to some styles that are easy to forget and appreciate when you lean towards IPAs. The beers were great and the background story on each was informative... Judging by my girlfriend’s experience, the class is great for the non-beer enthusiast as well.  — Dan

It was a great success and everyone really enjoyed it!! A big thank you to Eric for facilitating and an extra big thank you to you for all of your efforts coordinating! — Katie

Thanks so much teaching us about beer last night! We really enjoyed learning so many details about the brewing process and what goes in to making all these similar yet unique beers - and drinking them! — Caroline

We have enjoyed 3 or 4 events so far...We appreciate the opportunity to connect with our client base in a slightly different medium, given the current environment.  — Kent

The event was a success! Your instructor was great - good at keeping people engaged and interactive (which isn’t always easy on video chat) and I think everyone found it fun and informative! We heard lots of great feedback about the event, your instructor and the beers. — Brandt

Besides the great choice in beers, the beer master was great in explaining and fostering conversation amongst everyone. I would definitely do this again and with Zoom you can incorporate friends who are a distance away and still feel like you are together.  — Terri