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88 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002

With the clouds lifting and the flowers blooming that can only mean one thing: Summer is fast approaching. And warm weather is beer weather! Whether a kölsch or a shandy, a tart fruited Berlinerweisse or a snappy pilsner, all sorts of beers fit the bill for summer drinking. In our tour of the best styles for the season we’ll venture through not only styles that are perfect for the warmer weather, but also those that were historically brewed specifically for the summer months. So either at the beach or mowing your lawn, you'll know the right beer to grab.

About Instructor Kevin Brooks:
Kevin Brooks is a craft beer professional with nearly a decade of experience across every aspect of the industry. After a stint at Murray’s Cheese where he learned the ways of stinky, creamy deliciousness, he moved on to work in beer properly for a distributor, selling craft beer to bars and restaurants throughout New York City. He then managed Top Hops’ Orchard Street location for three and a half years, curating the store’s beer selection and spearheading the education program. In mid 2019 Kevin continued his professional journey, this time signing with Destihl Brewery as their area sales rep. Teaching beer remains a passion and he continues to teach classes at Top Hops.

This 90 minute classes will showcase six tasty beers and snacks.
Class size is limited to 15 students.

Top Hops reserves the right to cancel any and all classes due to scheduling conflict, illness or poor attendance. Attendees of cancelled classes will be given a full refund and at least 24 hours notice whenever possible.

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