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“Don’t Stand So Close to Me.”  Given the COVID crisis, we are sadly not offering in-person classes at the moment. Fear not, however, as we have good news.  We launched our virtual class series this summer and are poised to introduce a new round of seasonal classes, at a range of price points, in late September. Now you can sample your beers from the comfort of your couch while engaging with fellow beer lovers and our Top Hops Beer Expert.

When you sign up for the class, you will receive a shipment of a custom four-pack specifically designed for your class.   We’ll follow up by email the day before your class with a virtual link and tasting notes. Then, simply use the provided link when class begins and follow along with our experts as they guide you through our tasty selection from the comfort of home.  

To ensure that you receive your beer in time for class, we kindly ask that you register with the following deadlines in mind:
Register up to the day before class if you live within 3 miles of Top Hops.
Register up to 3 days prior to class if you live outside of the above zone in Manhattan or in the boroughs.
Register up to 7 days prior to class if you live outside of NYC.  
IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  We ship within NY state and a handful of other states.   Please contact us for any exceptions at

Eric’s Virtual Beers Around the World class was awesome.  I drink a lot of beer, visit a lot of breweries and beer shops, but it was great to be (re-)introduced to some styles that are easy to forget and appreciate when you lean towards IPAs and there are  so many to try these days. The beers were great and the background story on each was informative... Judging by my girlfriend’s experience, the class is great for the non-beer enthusiast as well. Looking forward to doing another class tailored to other beer interests with Eric.  — Dan

Thanks so much for spending all that time teaching us about beer last night! We really enjoyed learning so many details about the brewing process and what goes in to making all these similar yet unique beers- and drinking them! — Caroline