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Strange times, indeed.  Keen to reconnect with long lost friends and family?  Colleagues and clients?  Have a birthday or close of the quarter call for celebration? Please consider our Private Virtual Tasting Classes.   You’ll receive a first class education, enjoy valuable time with other humans,  all while enjoying some exceptional beers.

Pricing and Package Description: 

  • Our classes range between $65 and $125 per person.  Final cost depends on which class and format you select.  We’re flexible and will work with you to find the best approach for your budget.
  • Your package includes a private 60 minute or 90 minute interactive Zoom classroom experience.
  • Your event will be lead by one of our very much alive and very brilliant beer educators.
  • Your choice of a 60 minute class will include a curated four pack specifically designed for your class. A 90 minute class will include a curated six pack.
  • You can choose one of our popular public classes such as Travel the Virtual World with Beer or Homegrown Hops.  Or, we are happy to customize a class based on your personal taste preferences.
  • Price includes Shipping and/or Delivery & Handling  & Tax.
  • Is your budget flexible?  Interested in adding some Top Hops swag to sweeten the package?  Or perhaps some snacks to accompany your beers?  We are happy to help.
  • Have some non beer drinkers in your crew?  We have many wonderful non alcoholic beers, ciders and hard seltzer alternatives.

Thank you so much! I think everyone had a great time, and we really appreciate your energy and knowledge. We definitely got some good engagement from the beer aficionados among the group.  We are also grateful for the effort you put in to finding a delivery partner and the seamless execution of delivery for the group, which made a huge difference in the quality of the presentation. — Alex

It was a huge success!! It was so much fun and such a unique way to get everyone together - my husband loved it! — Ali

The event was great. Everyone enjoyed it – especially after our 10/15 deadline! — Keith

Eric’s Virtual Beers Around the World class was awesome.  I drink a lot of beer, visit a lot of breweries and beer shops, but it was great to be (re-)introduced to some styles that are easy to forget and appreciate when you lean towards IPAs. The beers were great and the background story on each was informative... Judging by my girlfriend’s experience, the class is great for the non-beer enthusiast as well.  — Dan

Thanks so much teaching us about beer last night! We really enjoyed learning so many details about the brewing process and what goes in to making all these similar yet unique beers - and drinking them! — Caroline

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