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For Pick Up & Delivery

What the world needs now, in addition to love, sweet love, is an inspired and steady flow of beers from Top Hops, hand picked especially for you by our favorite resident geek, Ted.   This fall we're introducing The Tops from Ted:  A Seasonal Beer Offering. Your subscription consists of five deliveries in total, safely delivered to your home every two weeks as of mid October through the end of 2020.  Sign up now and prepare to sample beers that we trust will expand your beer horizons and inspire your palate.

Your subscription package (a 6 pack or 12 choose) will consist of a curated and eclectic sampling of Ted’s favorite picks of the moment, selected exclusive for subscribers.  Included will be cutting edge beers as well as classic favorites. Ted will include a mix of unique beers from some of his favorite breweries including Threes, Other Half,  KCBC, Lawsons Finest liquids, Industrial Arts, Sloop and more.   He will also include a mix of styles,  IPA’s, IIPA's, Sours, Wheats, Saisons, Pilsners and so on.  Should the shop secure limited distribution beers, one of these will be  included in the mix.  Included with each package will be a link to Ted as he explains his picks of the moment.  Enjoy his dream day job and live vicariously as he peruses the fridges, sampling as he goes.

Six Pack Beer Subscription Package Twelve Pack Beer Subscription Package